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Tannery visitors

The tannery fez is one of the city’s most amazing sights. We are offering a unique window into the hot, natural process of producing world class leather using methods that have changed little since medieval times.

Tannery Fez visitors

Due to much excitement of visitors, the only way to see the tanneries in action is to dive into the hole of one of the many leather shops, which was built into the walls surrounding the site. In Tannery Fez, it shows typical Fassi inventiveness, each shop has a terrace out back offering one of the best views.

Tannery Fez Products

Merchants happily give explanation of the processes involved even if they receive nothing from you like a sale or tip. While this might feel a little commercialized, you perhaps won’t catch a better selection of leather in Tannery Fez, and prices are as good as the quality you’ll get. Tannery in fez The leather shops form a cooperative with the Tannery Fez workers and many of the merchants are relatives and they work and each other in fez morocco leather.

Tannery Fez streets

Nearby from Place Seffarine, you’ll soon pay attention to the obvious smell of skin and dye that will lead you to the heart of the leather district. Through the medina’s streets and close to the Tannery Fez, you’ll love the atmosphere, the local life and the hospitality of Fassi people. You can buy the leather products from any salesman and get the high quality.

What you will discover when you Visit tannery fez

In fez tours You will discover many things about fez tannery and fez leather tannery , their history, their Moroccan leather products and the steps of transforming that Fez Tannery leather into something to wear kind of leather furniture, made in a high quality by professional Tannery Fez craftsmen.

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