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Leather Bags

Our Moroccan bags remain the best in the supermarket, made of luxurious leather. Our website gives you the opportunity to get wholesale leather bags at suitable costs to earn huge profits.

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Leather jacket

Our top online wholesale store, suggest you original goat, camel, and cowhide leather jackets. handcrafted of original genuine leather to meet all of your essential needs and also our amazing exclusive deals.

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Leather poufs moroccan

Our antique and modern exotic leather poufs are available now in our stock! Be among the first to benefit from our discounted wholesale prices and also our amazing exclusive deals.

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Tanneries Fes or Fez tannery are among the most visited sights in Fez Medina; due to the fact, that they are the oldest tanneries in the world; where good quality leather used in famous trademarks is treated with natural materials in those tanneries.

The natural handmade treatment process of the hides; makes these tanneries exciting and fascinating to visit; so that, you can discover the Moroccan leather crafts; we are offering you a unique window on the producing world-class leather, through our website to know more about Moroccan leather products and ways to use the leather items. 

Therefore if you are a tourist; a photographer; journalist; or a blogger; and you are interested in visiting fez tanneries. Our team will be at your service; for your requests or more information contact us by filling in the form, and we shall respond to you shortly.

We Are Proud of Our Work in Tannery Fez and we care about customers’ satisfaction