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We Approached Fez Tanneries in the Old Medina’s tanneries district, And through Fes City Tours; you can smell The strong odor of hides Deriving From The Tanning Vats.  In Fez, There Are Three Tanneries That Have Been Cleaning, Stripping, Smoothing And Dyeing Animal Skins; And Switching them Into Soft Moroccan Leather For Thousands of Years. and that’s because The clothes and footwear of Berbers consist of closed leather especially shoes and boots to protect their feet from cold and the rough country land.

Fez Tannery Magazine and TV Photographers

Fez Tannery leathers are collected, organized then drenched for two or three days in a big special hole; that contains a fusion of quicklime, cow urine, water, and salt to remove easily the animal hair. Once it is cleaned, they laid them out to dry.

Fez Tannery

Next, when the hides are dry ,  the tanners  soak them  in another mixture; containing water and pigeon excrement; which contains ammonia the active ingredient that acts as a softening agent; thus; allowing the skin to become loose and absorb the natural dye. Then and using his bare feet, he kneads the skins for up to three hours or more; until he gets the desired softness. Afterward comes the dying with coloring plants such as the poppy flower  (red tan), henna (orange), cedar woods ( brown), indigo for blue, and saffron; sometimes they rub pomegranate powder; to turn them yellow, and olive oil, to make them shiny. They soak the leather for hours until it absorbs those colors, and finally; they leave it until it dries completely.

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The hides of Fez Tannery are then moved to the holes used for dyeing. The tanneries in the Old Medina are using natural vegetable dyes including poppy flower for red color, indigo for blue color, henna for orange, cedarwood for brown, mint for green, and saffron for yellow color. They also use other materials for dyeing include pomegranate powder, which is rubbed on the skins to turn them yellow, and olive oil, which makes them bright. The skins are left in the dying holes for about one week. Each week the dyes are changed out for different colors.
Fez Tannery

Once they fully ingest the color they are taken to be stretched on wooden frames until they dry. The total tanning process takes about 20 days from start to finish. The work in Fez Tannery is not easy at all, it is obvious how many steps they did and how many work they do, just to bring us the highest quality of leather products

Fez tannery has a huge number of people’s interest especially journalist and photographers from the whole world.

Fez Tannery

If you are a journalist or photographer we are offering you the best Fes Tours to visit the tannery in fez. We will help you meet and talk to the Fez Tannery artisans with the translation of your professional guide you will get all the information you need.

We are patient No matter when and where, we‘ll keep you in touch with Fez Tannery department.

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